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Duncan's real estate listings, including properties that ByOwner is offering for sale on Craigslist, have recently sold. Check out our own home sales, which can include auctions, property sales by owners and more. Craigslist has a lot of great real estate listings in Duncan, Oklahoma and other parts of the state. Did you have a property on Craigslist that was recently sold, or did you behave yourself?

Check out our Duncan OK apartment listings for details on the property, as well as a list of other Duncan OK homes for sale on Craigslist.

Browse our current FSBO real estate listings and use our match filter to find the perfect home in Duncan, 73533. Find a house for sale in the Duncan OK area with a good price tag and view the property's sale history as well as a list of other available homes in the area. Get the latest news, offers, prices and information about Duncan Oklahoma that needs a new home, or get a free copy of our Duncan Oklahoma Real Estate Guide.

The Duncan Oklahoma Real Estate Guide for the latest news, offers, prices and information about Duncan, 73533, as well as other available properties in the Duncan OK region.

Comanche Funeral Home serves Comanche and the surrounding community as a funeral home for the Duncan area, 73533 and surrounding communities. The department lists obituaries on its website and in the local newspaper, as well as in local newspapers and on the Internet.

This information on the Duncan property market is the result of an overview of the area. Duncan has 13 properties, as well as a list of other local businesses, restaurants and hotels. To learn more about Duncan and the other areas of Oklahoma City, 73533 and surrounding communities, read the information about the Duncan Real Estate area here.

You can also use this map view to find homes and apartments that you want to sell due to the amenities in Duncan that you might want to close. There are more than 1,000 properties in the Duncan Real Estate area, where the average home value on the latest listings is $99,500. Some of them are currently for sale, but there are a number of other properties for sale and some for rent.

The Orr Gray Gish Chapel of the Rev. John E. Gray is located in Duncan, Oklahoma and has been listed for sale for the first time in more than 20 years.

FSBOed foreclosure, with a total of $1.5 million in outstanding debt and $2.2 million in outstanding equity in the property. FSBOed from foreclosure and with an average interest rate of 3.3%, the home is currently worth $4.7 million.

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If you want to work with a professional, it is very easy to contact an estate agent in Duncan. Contact our Duncan estate agents who can help you find the home of your dreams in Duncan.

Browse our latest FSBO real estate listings and get the latest news and information on the most popular homes in Duncan, Oklahoma. Forget the big department stores on Duncan Avenue, just a few blocks from our office, and browse through our latest FS BOE real estate listing. Browse through our current FSBo real estate listings, with the best prices for your Duncan area home and more.

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More About Duncan