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The Oklahoma Student Art Exhibition (OSAE) is an annual exhibition for students in grades Pre-K-12 through 12th grade. The jury artwork will be displayed by 12 Southeastern Forest Tribes represented at the Oklahoma State Fair, Oklahoma's largest and most prestigious art exhibition. The Oklahoma State Fair offers the opportunity for graduates of all schools to participate in an art exhibition for students in Oklahoma for the past two years. In addition, it offers a scholarship to every graduate of the school who has participated in the two previous years.

Art has been on display at the Heart Foundation for two years, with the help of the Oklahoma State Fair and the Oklahoma for Peace Foundation.

Sponsorships and volunteers are involved in various areas such as painting, drawing, painting and painting courses. The Douglass Center offers free art classes, workshops and other educational opportunities for students once a week, and the Oklahoma State Fair and Oklahoma for Peace Foundation offer free arts and crafts activities for children, adults and families.

Funding from United Way of Stephens County ensures that LASO maintains a reception center in Duncan so that residents have access to its attorneys and staff. Duncan Community Residence provides rooms, meals and support to residents with mental health problems, substance abuse and other needs.

Perkins Insurance Realty knows the Duncan homes and can create a tailored itinerary to consider them in light of the needs of the buyer. Duncan home buyers will enjoy visiting the Duncan Museum of Art, Duncan Community Residence and LASO. The travelling exhibitions of the renowned museum will tempt you to return again and again. This is an unsurpassed community, the same size as any other in the nation, and home to the largest collection of Oklahoma art in the world.

However, the SIRI documentation includes an article from the local school system, which points out that the statue is in Georgian grey granite. The Chisholm Trail stretches almost 35 feet across the front lawn and is impossible to miss even from a distance of just a few feet.

The Chisholm Trail starts in Texas, where the Longhorns are, and ends in Kansas, where there is a railroad track. The road from Texas to Abilene, Kansas, has been farmed since its inception, and cowboy camps, created by cattle herders, abound. Up to 5,000 cowboys herded cattle in the early 1900s before Abilsene was replaced by other Kansas cow towns due to the importance of the railroads.

One of the first references to the path was made in May 1870 by the Kansas Daily Commonwealth newspaper, Topeka. The Daily News of Denton, Texas, described how the cattle moved along the famous Chisholm Trail. As one historian remarked: "The Chishesol m Trail is like a tree: the trunk is the original route from Texas to Abilene and then to Kansas, the roots are the feeder route south to Texas and the branches are an extension of the Kansas railway heads.

At the time, Duncan, a small town of about 1,000 people in central Oklahoma, was part of the Chickasaw Nation's Indian territory. It all started with a Scotsman who brought his family to the area after learning that the Rock Island Railroad was extending its route from Texas to Kansas. After receiving threats from St. Louis, he came to Duncan, where he remained until his death in 1959.

Today, Duncan's story is easily found on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) of Oklahoma sites and is also located in Duncan, including Duncan National Historical Park, a national historic monument. The northern half of the park is dedicated to various military monuments, and the southern part is located at the intersection of Interstate 35 and US Highway 35, just north of Duncan.

A short trip away in Lawton is Cameron University, which offers bachelor and master's degrees and has a campus in Duncan. The Duncan Area Literacy Council promotes literacy awareness and provides opportunities for individuals to lead more productive lives. Hundreds of works will be exhibited and valued in May at the Duncan Art Center's annual art show and exhibition. Take-ins and juddings are also offered every first Saturday of the month from May to June.

The spirit that made a cowboy a legend lives on in Duncan, Oklahoma, and it is his stated mission to "celebrate and continue the history, culture and heritage of the Duncan region and the people of Duncan Oklahoma.

The Chisholm Trail has been running east of Duncan since the city was founded, where the Chishesol Trail Heritage Center is located. While it is true that most of the activity on the Chisholing Trail took place before its foundation in Duncan in 1892, the trail did not pass through Duncan until the early 1900s.

Although Halliburton is no longer headquartered in Duncan, it has always been an important business and civilian location in the city. The company's headquarters were later moved to Dallas and Houston, but the company maintains a large presence in the city as well as a number of other companies and organizations.

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